The Citizens’ Association Initiative for European Perspective (IEP) is a civic organization aimed at developing democracy in society, protecting human rights and freedoms, combating all forms of discrimination, inhuman and degrading treatment, and encouraging citizens to become more active participants in the development of democracy at the local and national level.

In its extensive experience, IEP has implemented a number of projects for the development and education of citizens with special emphasis on youth and women, promotion and protection of the rights of various target groups, improving interethnic tolerance and multiculturalism, projects related to building resistance against radicalization, violent extremism, and terrorism, as well as resocialization and reintegration of returning foreign terrorist fighters (RFTF’s).

In terms of economic development of the country, as well as encouraging the less developed regions, IEP has implemented programs that contribute to strengthening the capacity for long-term active development of the country in full and integration of financially less developed regions by providing assistance and support, training and realization of development projects. In this context, it is worth mentioning that we have implemented projects for tourism development and enrichment of the tourist offer of N. Macedonia, as well as activities related to nature, ie how to protect and preserve it, and to use the benefits of it.

Organizational goals

The association achieves its goals through:

  • Realization of various information and education activities such as trainings, information meetings, conferences, publications, etc.
  • Realization of projects by various domestic and foreign donors
  • Analysis and research of current issues for the development of democracy, good governance and socio-economic situation;
  • Support for local and regional economic development;
  • Activities for lobbying and advocacy of the target groups.
  • Supporting young people in the process of growth and development in the personal and professional field
  • Cooperation with similar organizations and institutions in the country and abroad;
  • Encouraging initiatives, activities and realization of projects that will increase the absorption capacity of the institutions for greater utilization of European funds.


Peace, stability and harmony in the country with the active participation of the Citizen in the decision-making processes at local and national level.


Commitment to development, education of citizens, their awareness, protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms, as well as finding solutions in collaboration with public and private sector to improve the position and welfare of people.


The Initiative for European Perspective is led by President Elena Milenkoska-Mihailovska and Project Director Valerija Sokolova-Stojanovska.