Tourism in North Macedonia has been growing for the past few years as more and more people are becoming interested in not only visiting our country but also experiencing a more adventurous alternative tourism. Cyclists can take in beautiful scenery, rural culinary specialties and welcoming local people. The Republic of North Macedonia has 3 national parks and 33 natural reserves, which makes it a paradise for cycling in nature. Moreover, the capital Skopje has a long history that is evidenced by its many archaeological sites, such as Skupi and the Skopje Aqua duct, and the large number of Ottoman buildings and monuments. Due to its position, as a significant administration, business, cultural, educational and scientific centre, with multitude of natural and cultural-historic monuments and (in)tangible assets, tourism has great potential for opening new jobs and development of SMEs. In general, Skopje is lacking Adventure tourism content, which makes positive impact for extension of the average length of stay(ALOS) per tourist, which in Skopje amounts to 1.85 days per tourist. Increasing the Adventure tourism content in the City of Skopje is in correlation with the Bleisure Tourism (business travellers extend their stay in order to participate in local adventure tourism). Recent tourism surveys show that almost 50% of Business travellers agreed they have participated in the local adventure tourism offers. Past and present strategies for development of alternative tourism in Skopje have not been operationalized, despite identification of Mount Vodno as destination with high potential for recreational and extreme sports tourist location. At the moment the cycling and mountain bike activities that take place on Mount Vodno in an unorganized manner, and are endangering both physical security of people and environment.

Objective of the Project

The overall objective of the project “Cycling and Mountain Bike Trails on Mount Vodno” is contribution to enhancing tourism development in Republic of North Macedonia. Specific objective of the Project is: To develop new adventure tourism offer in Skopje. The proposed Action will contribute towards the following Outcomes: Introduced certified cycling & mountain bike trails in Vodno; Promoted alternative tourism and sports activities in Vodno; Unleashed local economy and social entrepreneurship in Vodno and neighbouring areas; Enhanced protection of environment alongside new alternative tourism economic activities; and Protection of hikers and cyclists on Mount Vodno by developing bicycle trails.

Implementing organizations are City of Skopje and Initiative for European Perspective. More info on the project can be found here:

Information on bike competition and Vodno festival

  •  Organization of a mountain bike competition

The bike competition will be held on the new cycling trail on mount Vodno, organized by City of Skopje and partners who will manage the entries for the mountain bike competition and communicate with riders, as well as organize equipment and signage. It is expected to be organized in July – August 2020.

  • Organization of “Vodno Alternative Tourism” festival

The “Vodno Alternative Tourism” festival, organized by City of Skopje, will be realized in conjunction with the bike competition, in order to promote the new alternative touristic offer at Mount Vodno. The programme of the alternative tourism festival will include: music events, promotion of sustainable and alternative transport, promotion of transport innovation, biosecurity courses. It is expected to be organized in early August 2020.

Purpose of the Call for graphic designer

The purpose of this contract is selection of a graphic designer supporting the promotion of the new cycling and mountain bike trail. The graphic designer is expected to design 1 logo for the bike competition and 1 logo for Vodno festival, in line with branding requirements of the City of Skopje and Initiative for European Perspective and within specified deadlines.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Logo of bike competition and Vodno festival

  • To design logo for the bike competition and logo for Vodno festival in line with the graphic guidelines and communication products of the Project;
  • To ensure usability of the logos for layout, design information and communication materials.

Qualification and Experience

Technical Background on graphic development (logos):

  • Photoshop and Acrobat (or Open Source Software equivalents)
  • Strong theoretical and practical background in graphic design, including the use of logo design
  • Show a clear and mature style of design, demonstrating an understanding of the communication requirements of the Project.
  • Proven experience of graphic production from start to published/printed product with knowledge of printing processes and colour management;
  • Good understanding of new and evolving technologies and digital platforms;
  • Knowledge of standard software packages
  • Working experience in tourism environment is desirable


  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Communication Media. Master’s degree is desired.

Contract duration

The contract will be effective from May 26th 2020 and will last for 2 months. Total of 4 days are foreseen.

How to Apply

This application is open for individuals. Individuals should provide the following:

  • CV
  • References list
  • Financial offer (per man-day, total of 4 days)
  • Copy of catalogue or samples of the design work, if available

Please forward the required documents outlined above, in English language, through the below e-mails, no later than May 22nd 2020.

CV and the required documentation should be sent at e-mail to Initiative for European Perspective: and

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