The deadline is extended until December 19th 2021

The purpose of the Research on local labour market needs for RFTFs and their families is to assess the potential for (self)employment of the RFTFs and their families in the target municipalities of Chair, Gazi Baba, Butel, Studenichani, Saraj, Arachinovo, Kumanovo and Tetovo.

The research team shall consist of two experts, who will define the methodology for collecting and processing primary data on local labour market opportunities. The research team will also collect secondary information to provide complete information on the labour market. The research team will thereafter produce a Research report in English language.

Specific objectives:

  • Identify target group of stakeholders with information on local labour market needs: employers, municipality, public institutions on local level, CSOs, local leaders, etc. The research team will consult IEP and project partners on the precise target group;
  • Develop semi-structured questionnaires and conduct an in-situ / field / on-line survey of 8 to 10 questionnaires in each target municipality (depending on Covid19 restrictions and physical availability of respondents);
  • Collect secondary information through desk-top research on labour market opportunities in general and specifically in the target municipalities;
  • Produce a Research report detailing the potential labour market opportunities, both self-employment and employment, for RFTFs and their families.

Confidentiality of information:

The research will follow the principles of confidentiality. All documents and data collected will be treated as confidential and used solely to facilitate the analysis. The interviewing process will assure the anonymity and confidentiality for all the involved interviewees acquiring informed consent (the formal requests for interviews) beforehand while explaining the reasons for the interviewing process. Interviewees will be coded and will not be quoted in the reports without respondents’ permission. All data and information provided is to be delivered to IEP, to be stored safely in line with policies in place. The interviews will be monitored and the process supported/facilitated by IEP.

Intellectual Property Rights:

IEP reserves all intellectual property rights in relation to this study and all related documents and data. No copies of this report or data shall be used, reproduced or shared with other parties without written authorization of IEP.


The Research report will be conducted by a selected research entity or individual experts. A mixed-methods approach will be sought integrating quantitative and qualitative data collection. The methodology will include: desk research, semi-structured survey with predetermined set of que­s­­tions, telephone / email / in-person interviews. IEP will oversee and manage the research process and ensure compliance with this ToR. In addition, IEP will support: the process of further defining/adapting details of the methodology to be used with various target groups; designing questionnaires; selection of participants for inter­views. IEP is responsible for approval of the products by the involved research entity/experts, as well as for most of the research stages for conducting the research activities, such as desk research, interviews, etc.

Work Plan

30 working days throughout the period from December 17th 2021 until March 31st 2022.

6. Content of the Research Report
The report should be in English, between 15-25 pages, and consist of:

  • Title Page, Acronyms and Table of Contents;
  • Executive summary of key research findings and recommendations;
  • Introduction and background (the purpose, the objectives, coverage, scope and limitations);
  • Research methodology (list of interviewees will be in annex);
  • Research findings, analysis with associated data interpretation and presentation, where appropriate in clear graphs or charts; Conclusions; Recommendations;
  • Annexes: collected data, detailed methodology/instruments, list of interviewees (coded), bibliography.

Research Entity/Experts

The research entity/experts should have the following essential skills and knowledge:

  • Proven track record of experience in designing, managing and/or conducting surveys (referential projects/research tasks);
  • Demonstrated expertise in statistical analysis and sampling, development of quantitative and qualitative data collection tools, data analysis and visualization, and report writing (CV).
  • University degree in social sciences, economics, business administration or similar or more than 7 years of experience in conducting similar research;
  • In case of legal entity, registered activity in research and/or advisory and/or training services;
  • Proficiency in English language for report preparation as well as compulsory knowledge of local languages.

Required documents for application

  • Letter for expression of interest;
  • References (at least 3 research/surveys in the last 5 years);
  • CVs of experts (in case of individual experts applying);
  • Financial proposal/offer in EUR and MKD.

The documents above should be sent to the following e-mail addresses: and, no later than December 16th 2021. The deadline is extended until December 19th 2021.

Selection Process

Due to the small scale (costs) of activities to be carried out by the research entity/experts, the IEP will conduct a restricted call (three quotations for the research entity/experts) as well as publication of the call to IEP web site ( IEP will sensitize contractors that have proven track record in research and/or working with labour market/municipalities/employers and/or the target groups of RFTFs and their families. Any questions of the interested parties should be addressed to and no later than December 14th 2021, with the title of the call in the subject line: “Research on local labour market needs for RFTFs and their families”.

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