1. Introduction

Initiative for European Perspective (IEP) is founded in 2005 based on the Law on Associations and Foundations. IEP is a civic organization aimed at developing democracy in society, protecting human rights and freedoms, combating all forms of discrimination, and inhuman and degrading treatment, and encouraging citizens to become more active participants in the development of democracy at the local and national levels. In its extensive experience, IEP has implemented projects for the development and education of citizens with special emphasis on youth and women, promotion and protection of the rights of various target groups, improving interethnic tolerance and multiculturalism, projects related to building resistance against radicalization, violent extremism, and terrorism, as well as resocialization and reintegration of Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters (RFTFs) and their families. In terms of economic development of the country, as well as encouraging the less developed regions, IEP has implemented programs that contribute to strengthening the capacity for long-term active development of the country in full and integration of financially less developed regions by providing assistance and support, training and realization of development projects.

2. Project Background

Project title: The Path to Resilience and Community Based Reintegration of Vulnerable Families.
Overall objective: Initiating holistic approaches for sustainable reintegration of vulnerable families (including those with RFTFs) in North Macedonia.

Project Outcomes:

  1. Vulnerable groups feel a sense of integration and gain a sense of purpose;
  2. Local stakeholders/community leaders jointly participate in P/CVE & RRR process and assist vulnerable families;
  3. Receiving community members show a reduced level of stigmatization/increased level of acceptance for returnees;
  4. The mainstream national and local media understand and create a positive atmosphere;
  5. Strengthened institutional framework and coordination mechanisms for R&R actors;
  6. Front-line workers (FLW) achieve a shared understanding related to P/CVE and R&R.


The project activities will take place in three regions of the country: six municipalities in Skopje Re­gion: Chair, Gazi Baba, Butel, Studenichani, Saraj, Arachinovo; two municipalities in North-Eas­tern Statistical Region: Kumanovo and Lipkovo (considered as one municipal entity for the purpose of the Project), as well as one in Polog Region: Tetovo. This project is funded by Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) and implemented by Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC), Association of Citizens NEXUS Civil Concept (NEXUS), Initiative for European Perspective (IEP), Association for Active and Healthy Development of Women and Children “Pleiades” (Pleiades) and Association for Civic Activism and Encouraging Social Responsibility “Horizon Civitas” (Horizon Civitas).

3. Purpose and Scope of Work

The purpose of this Call is translation of 6 economic plans for community reintegration in the target municipalities of Chair, Studenichani, Saraj, Arachinovo, Kumanovo/Lipkovo and Tetovo, from Macedonian into the Albanian language in a total of 70 pages.

Confidentiality of information:

The translator will follow the principles of confidentiality. All information within the documents will be treated as confidential.

Intellectual Property Rights:

IEP reserves all intellectual property rights in relation to this task. No copies of these economic plans or data shall be used, reproduced or shared with other parties without the written authorization of IEP.

7. Translator

The translator should have the following essential skills and knowledge:

  • Proven track record of translating similar documents, with the required knowledge of the topic of P/CVE and RFTFs;
  • At least a Bachelor’s university degree in translation or more than 10 years of experience in translating similar documents.

8. Required documents for application

  • Letter for expression of interest;
  • References (at least 2 similar translation missions in the last 7 years);
  • CVs of experts (in case of individual experts applying);
  • Financial proposal/offer in EUR and MKD.

The documents above should be sent to the following e-mail addresses: contact@iep.mk and emilenkoska@iep.mk, no later than July 6th, 2022.

9. Selection Process

Due to the small scale (costs) of activities to be carried out by the translator, the IEP will conduct a restricted call (three quotations for the translator) as well as the publication of the call on the IEP website (www.iep.mk). Any questions of the interested parties should be addressed to contact@iep.mk and emilenkoska@iep.mk no later than July 5th, 2022, with the title of the call in the subject line: “Translation of 6 local economic plans for community reintegration”.

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